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Pet Massage

Small pet massage. Give your pet a super gift of massage.

Call for questions or to book for your pet. 775-830-6284 or 530-304-3745.

Leave a message, I will get back to you.

Package deals for pet before or after your massage. Give it a try for geriatric pets with their aches and pains. Athletic pets, pets doing Agility Training often need a massage just as their humans do.

Aging pets have aches and pains too! A nice soothing relaxation massage will help.

Pets often benefit from a soothing massage when undergoing stress such as Kennel care when you are on vacation and must leave your pet.

Massage can be a benefit when your loving pet is in day care or before or after a treatment such as grooming.

Flat fee for services. Fees for pet massage may vary with site and type of pet.

Heres a few good reasons to consider massage for your pet:

  • Relief of muscle tension; increases flexibility and range of motion.
  • Stimulates motor nerves; mobility improvement.
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